St. Patrick's Parish


Diocese of Dublin


Celebrating Advent in the Home

The Advent Wreath

The circle of the wreath and the evergreens that make it up both signify God’s endless mercy and undying love. Ideally three purple candles and one rose-coloured (pink) candle are evenly spaced around the wreath and there is one larger white candle in the centre of the wreath. The wreath can be as simple as four night lights with greenery laid around them to form a circle. Some traditions attach meanings to using different greens, each signifying another aspect of the season. These include: Ivy—to remind us of the human spirit clinging to God’s strength. Cedar—to remind us of eternal life available to all through Christ. Holly—to remind us of Jesus’ crown of thorns. Bay—to remind us of victory over sin and death. Each week, an additional candle is lit. As the light grows brighter, we are reminded that the Light of the World will soon arrive in glory. The central white candle signifies the Light of Christ and is first lit on Christmas Eve and relit on Christmas Day.