St. Patrick's Parish


Diocese of Dublin



How to make a Christingle


You will need:

• An orange

• A small candle

• A piece of red tape to go around your orange

• 4 cocktail sticks

• A few sweets and some dried fruit

• A small piece of foil

• A pencil to make a hole in the orange



1. First fix the red tape around the middle of your orange (around the fattest part)

2.Carefully push a pencil into the top of the orange to make a small hole

3. Put your sweets and dried fruit onto the cocktail sticks

4. Push the cocktail sticks into the orange in four different directions slightly above the fattest

part of the orange and pointing slightly upwards.

5. Take the foil and wrap it around the candle at the bottom, now put the candle into the hole that you have made.

6. You now have your finished Christingle!

7. Why not save your Christingle for the special family service at St. Patrick’s Church on Sunday 8th December at 10.15am or enjoy your Christingle at home!


Christingle Image