St. Patrick's Parish


Diocese of Dublin


Dramatic Society

Out of Sight Out of Murder

Join us at the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire from Wednesday 13th November to Saturday 16th November.


Peter Knight (Gus Nichols) is grinding out a murder story in a dreary old Vermont mansion where another author was murdered years earlier. A weird electrical storm causes a cosmic event and our hero's characters come to life.


They're all there - Kay Kelsey, the lovely ingenue (Hannah Blair White); Cogburn, the trusty butler (Seymour Cresswel; Fiona Babcock, the acerbic old spinster (Madelyn Chapman); Minna, a feisty neighbour (Phil Stokes); Dick Stanton, our dauntless juvenile hero (Michael Fogarty); Lydia Dillingham, the 'other woman'

(Brenda Donoghue); Addie, the always pregnant serving girl (Amy Van Der Linde); and Jordan Dillingham, the wily lawyer (Michael Stokes) waiting for midnight to read the will.


Not surprisingly, Peter loses control and murders follow to a hair-raising climax. But of course, the mysteries are solved with ingenuity, wit, romance and lots of laughs.


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