St. Patrick's Parish


Diocese of Dublin


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AM Ancient & Modern: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship (2013)

CH Church Hymnal Fifth Edition (2000)

TP  Thanks and Praise (2015)


11th February: All Age

Sunday Before Lent

Kum ba yah

517 Brother, sister, let me serve you

570 Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning

596 Seek ye first the kingdom of God

663 We are marching in the light of God


18th February: Holy Communion

1st Sunday in Lent

207 Forty days and forty nights

606 As the deer pants for the water

652 Lead us heavenly father

123 (A & M) From ashes to the living font


25th February: Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday in Lent

52 Christ whose glory fills the skies

709 Praise the Lord! You heavens adore him

712 Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord

120 (A & M) Forgive us when our deeds ignore

373 To God be the glory

Kim ba yah

Servant song

Sing hosanna

Seek ye first






As the deer


Amazing grace







Duke St.

To God be the glory