St. Patrick's Parish


Diocese of Dublin


The School

The Parish School opened in 1870, housed with the Sexton’s Lodge in a building provided in 1868 as a generous free gift to the Church by Charles Leslie J.P. The work of architect Edward H.Carson FRIAI at a cost of over £1,000, it was highly regarded for the superior standard of its design and construction. The granite was quarried on the site. The building comprised the Lodge and the stage area of the present hall. That original hall served as classroom, Sunday school and Parish meeting room. A room in the Lodge was used as a library. Around 1883 the hall was extended to take in the area occupied by the present main hall, with an external entrance porch at the front.


Initially it was a local Church School supported by parochial subscription. It is likely the building was extended to the full area of the present main hall in 1882. The school was first registered with the Commissioners of National Education on 1st December 1894 as a National School (Roll No. 14647) with 30 pupils (12 boys and 18 girls).


The school began as a one-teacher school and remained so until the 1950’s. From the 1920’s to the 1950’s there was one large classroom taking in the present hall plus the stage area. Heating came from an upright coal stove half way along the east wall of the room. There were outside toilets in the area now occupied by the passageway and cloakroom. Mrs. Armstrong was the teacher who was later succeeded by Miss Florrie Armstrong. In 1953 the Dalkey Youth Club financed the installation of a new maple floor.


Increased numbers led to development in 1964. A new entrance hallway with kitchen and toilets was added with a parish room and office upstairs. The original windows were enlarged, and folding partitions installed to divide the classrooms. In 1971 a prefab was added but was seriously damaged by fire in 1977. During the rebuilding Loreto Abbey very kindly offered the necessary facilities to continue the education of the displaced infants and junior classes.


A completely new modern four teacher school was built as part of the major development of the present Northover Hall complex, which opened on 22nd April 1999. The architect was David Jordan.


From The Irish Builder Sep 1st 1870, courtesy of Irish Architectural Archive